The Keeper

Spoiler Alert. Reading all of the book teasers will give away the epic.

Rhea has given all she has to pull Luxatra back from the brink of chaos, but in this final part, even more is demanded. One evil has released another, and unless Rhea is willing to sacrifice everything, there may be nothing left of the world that she has come to love.

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Tearlach had already put on the water and had cups set out on the large wood plank table that filled the center of the room. “Come sit. A rushed mind will run right past the answers it seeks.”

“Here they come, commander!” The sounds of horses’ hooves thundered toward the gate. The riders pounded into the courtyard and dismounted, returning to the gate, taking up arms against the advancing invading force.

Rhea could see the anger in her eyes, the tension in her body. Her fists were clenched at her sides. Rhea knew who she was, knew her name. “Why are you doing this, Baire? We are not your enemy.” Baire’s fingers uncurled suddenly and the ground under Rhea’s feet dropped away.

Instantly, the darkness fell away and a blinding light erupted before him. He reached for it, willing it to come to him, expecting it to fill him.

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