The Guardian

Spoiler Alert. Reading all of the book teasers will give away the epic.

Warrior guardian Daen Mallaur is from Luxatra, a land where people are gifted with special abilities, swords are used to administer justice, and rulers must never show weakness. Sent to the world of shadows, his mission is to help a woman whose identity he does not know. And so his journey begins: a strange world, almost no memory of his mission, and … no way home?

Back Cover:

In a world where people are gifted with special abilities and swords are used to administer justice, life is peaceful for a change. The disputes among the realms, long ago ended, and the ensuing peace allowed the guardians to exercise their rightful role as keepers of the histories. As a result, the missions of the guardians have become, more often than not, focused on watching the people of the lands, or so thought guardian Daen Mallaur as he stood on the mountainside, ready to depart. Little did he know his next mission wasn’t going to be like the ones before it.

When his view of the snow blanketing the mountain tops started to fade, and the sensation of being pulled forward into nothingness enveloped him, Daen heard an unknown voice in his head telling him what he needed to do. When his senses returned, Daen found himself in a place … no, in a world he didn’t know, and the only words he could remember were, “You must help her.” And so his journey began: a strange world, almost no memory of his mission, and … no way home?

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As he enjoyed the evening, his eyes kept being drawn to the shadow by the shed. Something was in the shadow. It looked like a bird. It seemed to glide across the grass, but when it should have come into the light of the moon, it disappeared.

Rhea, Randell, Daen, and Brian all froze, their attention fixed on the candy bar hanging in midair, a foot from Rhea’s face.

Rhea shot up from her pillow, arms extended in front of her, and screamed. Pillows and stuffed animals launched off her bed as if they feared for their lives. In a matter of seconds it was over.

Randell couldn’t move. He knew he should run; that would be the sane thing to do. But the last hour had messed with his mind. First the trunk, then the book, the dagger, and the blue light, and now the strange man in his yard wearing swords.

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