The Channel

Spoiler Alert. Reading all of the book teasers will give away the epic.

In part two of The Gifted, battles are fought, family bonds are forged, and secrets are revealed.

Rhea didn’t wake up one morning and decide to become a magical, sword-wielding warrior, but it happened just the same. Now she wants to know why. Joined by her two new friends, Daen and Randell, the threesome is confronted by hardened warriors in bloody sword fights as they seek the answers to Rhea’s questions and fight to save the people of Luxatra.

Back Cover:

The Libraim, a large mass of energy, endows some of the people of Luxatra with special powers to help them maintain balance in their world. From time to time, balance and free will is threatened by forces beyond the Luxatrans’ understanding and control, that’s when the Libraim has been known to help. Unable to directly intervene with the way of life in Luxatra, the Libraim grants one individual the ability to connect with it, to channel its strength and powers to right what is wrong.

Although generations have come and gone since the last channel was needed, the Libraim has foreseen the need for one now … or that’s what guardian Daen Mallaur believes when he finds Rhea Canton and learns where she is from and what she can do. Armed for battle, Rhea, Daen, and his friend Randell Young seek answers while confronted by spies, assassins, and hardened warriors.

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Their empty eye sockets glowed red, and the swords they held in their hands gleamed with an eerie silver glow.

Rhea watched his stunned expression while they both tried to comprehend what had happened. A second later his knees buckled and he collapsed onto his face, blood running from his throat, soaking the ground around him.

Daen drew his sword, and Rhea and Randell followed suit, ready to defend. Rhea’s heart started to pound in her chest as she tried to manage her fear while images from her dreams flashed in her mind’s eye.

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