The Guardian Characters

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read The Guardian and The Channel, some of the descriptions could give you too much.

Known asNamePronunciationQuick peak
AnderAnder Young\’an-der\ \yung\Decendent of Raisel Gaulette and lives in shadow world.
BrianBrian Canton\’brī-an\ \’can-tôn\Rhea Canton’s father in the world of shadows. Married to Christine. College professor.
ChristineChristine Canton\’kris-tēn\ \’can-tôn\Rhea Canton’s mother in the world of shadows. Married to Brian. College professor.
DaenDaen Mallaur\’dān\ \’mäl-lôr\Daen Mallaur is a guardian (warrior class) from the world of Luxatra.
GrennalGrennal\’gren-näl\Dog-like creature that appears to Rhea from Luxatra, through the moon shadows.
LanneLanne Gaulette\’län-ē\ \gô-‘let\Appears to Rhea in the moon shadows, masked as a dog-like creature.
PamPam Young\’pam\ \yung\Pam is married to Ander Yound, mother to Randell.
RaisalRaisal Gaulette\’rāz-äl\ \gô-‘let\Great-grandmother to Randell Young. Sent to the world of shadow in the earlier 1900’s.
RandellRandell Young\’ran-däl\ \yung\Randell Young is introduced in The Guardian. He befriends Daen when he first arrives in the shadow world.
RheaRhea Canton\’rē\ \’can-tôn\Rhea Canton. She is one of the main characters. That’s all I will say as anything else will spoil too much.
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