The Dark Healer Characters

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read The Guardian and The Channel, some of the descriptions could give you too much.

Known asNamePronunciationQuick peak
DaenDaen Mallaur\’dān\ \’mäl-lôr\Daen Mallaur is a guardian (warrior class) from the world of Luxatra.
FaitheFaitheDoyen Faithe, leader of the custodians.
GaibelGaibel Gaulette\’gā-bel\ \gô-‘let\Gaibel Gaulette Baurden is Rhea’s biological mother and is married to Kaluab. She is a commander in King Argeon’s forces.
JaulineJauline Baurden\’jô-lēn\ \’bär-den\Queen of the Sentran realm. Sister to Kaluab and Keelia.
KalaubKalaub Baurden\’kā-lôb\ \’bär-den\Kalaub Baurden is Queen Jauline’s brother, Rhea’s father, Gaibel’s husband, and prince to the Sentran realm.
KeeliaKeelia Baurden\’kēl-ēä\ \’bär-den\Princess in the realm of Sentran. Sister the Jauline and Kalaub.
LanneLanne Gaulette\’län-ē\ \gô-‘let\Appears to Rhea in the moon shadows, masked as a dog-like creature.
NauylorHuntr Nauylor\’hun-ter\ \’nā-lur\Commander Huntr Nauylor is a direct report to Queen Jauline in the Sentran realm
RaesaRaesa Nauylor\’rā-za\ \’nā-lur\Raesa Nauylor is fast with the sword.
RaisalRaisal Gaulette\’rāz-äl\ \gô-‘let\Great-grandmother to Randell Young. Sent to the world of shadow in the earlier 1900’s.
RandellRandell Young\’ran-däl\ \yung\Randell Young is introduced in The Guardian. He befriends Daen when he first arrives in the shadow world.
RheaRhea Canton\’rē\ \’can-tôn\Rhea Canton. She is one of the main characters. That’s all I will say as anything else will spoil too much.
TaulinTaulin Mauntage\’tô-lin\ \môn-‘taj\Prince Taulin Mauntage is the fourth son to King Craen of Laundan.
TerrwynTerrwyn Gaulette Baurden\’ter-win\ \gô-‘let\ \’bär-den\Terwyn Gaulette Baurden is the daughter of Gaibel and Kalaub. She is also known as Rhea Canton.
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