The Keeper Characters

Spoiler Alert

If you haven't read The Guardian and The Channel, some of the descriptions could give you too much.

Known as Full name Pronunciation Quick peak
Daen Daen Mallaur \'dān\ \'mäl-lôr\

Daen Mallaur is a guardian (warrior class) from the world of Luxatra.

Faithe Faithe

Doyen Faithe, leader of the custodians.

Gaibel Gaibel Gaulette \'gā-bel\ \gô-'let\

Gaibel Gaulette Baurden is Rhea's biological mother and is married to Kaluab. She is a commander in King Argeon's forces.

Jauline Jauline Baurden \'jô-lēn\ \'bär-den\

Queen of the Sentran realm. Sister to Kaluab and Keelia.

Kalaub Kalaub Baurden \'kā-lôb\ \'bär-den\

Kalaub Baurden is Queen Jauline's brother, Rhea's father, Gaibel's husband, and prince to the Sentran realm.

Lanne Lanne Gaulette \'län-ē\ \gô-'let\

Appears to Rhea in the moon shadows, masked as a dog-like creature.

Nauylor Huntr Nauylor \'hun-ter\ \'nā-lur\

Commander Huntr Nauylor is a direct report to Queen Jauline in the Sentran realm

Randell Randell Young \'ran-däl\ \yung\

Randell Young is introduced in The Guardian. He befriends Daen when he first arrives in the shadow world.

Rhea Rhea Canton \'rē\ \'can-tôn\

Rhea Canton. She is one of the main characters. That's all I will say as anything else will spoil too much.

Taulin Taulin Mauntage \'tô-lin\ \môn-'taj\

Prince Taulin Mauntage is the fourth son to King Craen of Laundan.

Terrwynn Terrwyn Gaulette Baurden \'ter-win\ \gô-'let\ \'bär-den\

Terwynn Gaulette Baurden is the daughter of Gaibel and Kalaub. She is also known as Rhea Canton.


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